Giordon Stark
Source: CERN

Giordon Stark is a particle physicist working at CERN, but he is also deaf. And he will come and tell us about how it is to work in physics and be deaf at the same time. He will also tell us about his work in the field of high energy particle physics.

Brian May
Source: JHU Applied Physics Laboratory, Instagram

Brian May has a doctorate in astrophysics and has confirmed that he would like to come. But due to him also, being the lead guitarist in Queens he will come back to us when he knows their schedule.

Colin Wright
Source: ETH Z├╝rich, D Math

Colin Wright has used math to develop new ways of juggling and he will show us how math is hidden in everything by basing it on juggling. He is a fantastic entertainer and will give you an experience beyond what you expect.

Anja Andersen
Source: University of Copenhagen

Anja Andersen is a world renowned expert in the field of space dust. Furtermore she received in 2018 a professorship in the field of science communication with a focus on the broad public. She is one of only a very few with that professorship in the world. Others with the same title includes Niels DeGrasse Tyson.

More speakers will be added later