The evening will be for the delegates attending the delegates day.
We will go to Caféen? (the name includes the ?). This is the Friday bar that is open every day.


This will be the first evening, and therefore we will play a game. In the program it says air blaster event, and it will be a foam ball war. There will be teams and it will be played at the university. After the event you can grab your first (probably not first) beer of the conference and enjoy some time seeing old friends or meeting everyone for the first time.


On Friday we will combine Danish evening and the costume party. A Danish tradition is ”Fastelavn” on this day we all dress up (mainly children but that will not hold us back), and then we in turn destroy a barrel filled with candy (rules and reasons will follow). We will eat lot of Danish food and drink the Danish drinks.
So raise your glass with ”snaps” and shout ”SKÅL”.


This is the day of the AGM so tonight will be our quiet evening. We will rent loads of board games and have other activities that will embrace the wonderful danish word ”hygge”.


This is the party you have been waiting for – the Nations Evening.


Physics at the Niels Bohr Institute has an old tradition, it turned 30 in 2019. The physics Revue is a sketch show with music and sketches for about two and a half hours. On this evening we have invited our friends from the revue to come and put on a show for us – compressed so it will not be an almost three hour show. A small teaser for the show can be seen here. This one is in Danish but is still worth the five minutes. The show for you will be translated.


”Kæmpefest” – The Huge Party, is held every year for all physics students in Copenhagen, this is our fancy food and fancy dresses party. You will experience a three course meal with all the traditions required to make it just silly enough and just fancy enough to make sure that you will never forget it.